Friday, June 6, 2008

Birthday and Anniversary Woes

OK - I'm on a mission here - a mission to let people know that I exist. Not only on a birthday or an anniversary, but on any given day.

This past Saturday was my birthday - not a milestone one, but one that to me was important nevertheless. My husband completely blocked the day out of his memory bank, and even after I nudged him a few times about what day it was, he wasn't buying. The buying part was the part I was trying to get across. No card, no flowers, no candy, no present, nada. At about 8 pm I told him that he'd better get in contact with the guy who should be coming with either my card, my cake, etc. He refused to see the humor in what I was saying. He's been eating grumble soup for days now. I am speaking to him only if I am spoken to. It's just amazing how many things I can answer 'yes' or 'no' to. Now before you think I'm just a grubbing person, it's been years since he acknowledged my birthday. Sometimes I get a card that he has my daughter pick up for him, and in his defense, he can't drive anymore because he is legally blind. BUT it doesn't take much for him to ask Julie to get a card, and maybe some flowers of the day for me.

Now, since the birthday is over, our anniversary is on Monday - so we shall see what happens on that day after putting up with the nonsense for l8 years. He used to tell me that because my birthday was the end of May and our anniversary was the beginning of June, that two presents weren't needed. Weren't needed - you mean none.

Why are men born without the gene that makes women happy? Or should I say most men? I know gals whose husbands are wonderful - they go shopping by themselves, they pick things out that they know their wife will like/appreciate, and others get nada? Since I have a son, I was adamant that he learn about these things so that whomever they married would not live like I do. LOL

Anyway - got that off my chest now - it's Friday - and hopefully on Monday will have something positive to say - if not, then he's up for the grumble soup again.