Thursday, January 17, 2008

Terrible Thursday

It's been so long since I've written, don't even know if I remember how to do it. I've been so busy lately with Jim, and Julie has been home with bronchitis for two weeks, so instead of one patient, I've had to take care of two.

Let's see if I remember any highlights of my life for the past month or so. Christmas came and went, and nothing special happened.

New Year's Eve was spent being mad at Jim, we were invited to go to a party, and before I even made a final plan, did ask him if he wanted to go. He said 'yes' and that should have alerted me that something was up. The morning of the party, he decided he didn't want to go, so I spent the better part of 4 days not talking to him. It wasn't the idea that we weren't going to the party, I didn't care one way or the other, but after he had me make a cheesecake (that wasn't cheap by the way) he didn't want to go. SO, I took the cheesecake to work on Wednesday, and the people there didn't care that it had been made a few days earlier. Actually I like to make the cheesecake at least a day earlier, lets the flavors really blend well.

SO, with going back to work, I finally got my new bus. I don't know many women who would get excited about getting a bus, but I was ecstatic. After using a bus that had over l00,000 miles on it, a brand new bus with less than l,000 miles on it was wonderful. The kids that I drive, I told everyone that I drive special needs kids, were jumping up and down on the seats because there actually was some give to them, and one of the boys who likes cars, said that the bus was like a Cadillac. Not quite, but close.

I finally got a haircut last week. The last week of June of last year I went for a haircut and the stylist went a little crazy with the scissors and I walked out of there looking like I was growing my hair back after having chemo - I kid you not - it was that short. It has taken 7 months to actually 'need' a haircut - and it was more for a style than anything else. My hair is snow white and really needs to be kept short and decided to get a 'wedge', so that's what I asked for. I love it. So easy to take care.

Friends have gotten together for stitching, and I am happy about that. A few of us are meeting this Sunday at Barnes & Noble for stitching. It's hard to find places to go unless we go to one another's houses - and sometimes that's not the easiest thing to do.

My grandchildren are all good. Gabby had her llth birthday on the 3lst of December - she's getting to be so big. All but Gabs went to Washington state to see their father for Christmas - Theresa couldn't come home, and Tom and his family didn't come home either. It was a very quiet, dismal day.

Oh well, I guess that's it for now. Will write again when I'm not in a funk.