Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

Hello again, another Sunday, and nothing much to report, but then again, once I get going, maybe something will come of it.

I guess I do have some good news to report. My daughter #1 had hurt her hand at a job she had about a year ago, and hasn't really been able to work at a job that is repetitious. Recently she took a job that required her to use her hand and it was just too hurtful for her to do. So, she had to quit her job even though it was one that was paying her benefits, and she decided to call the insurance company and ask for a settlement. To her surprise and mine, they are paying her very well - and hopefully now she'll be able to get some kind of job that will limit the amount of movement of her hand. She won't have to take just any kind of job, she'll have time to look around and get something that she'll be able to stick to.

On another note, my baby turned 34 yesterday - where do the years go? She is a wonderful girl most of the time, LOL. The others are 41 and almost 39, and it seems like yesterday that they were babies and they actually needed me.

I've been doing lots of stitching, and it really feels good to have some finishes. Stitched two bands that I'm going to make into pillows for DD#1 and DIL and have to finish up two stockings for the smallest grandchildren - both boys - one is finished and ready to be made into an actual stocking and the other is in progress with the stitching. I've also got 7 ornaments stitched and ready to be finished. The other is an ornament that I signed up to do for the Prairie Village group - it's turning out very nice. I've got such a wonderful idea for finishing it, just have to pay attention to what I'm doing with it.

Since no one will be here for T'giving or Christmas, it's going to be very quiet around here for the Holidays, just Jim and I most of the time, and Julie is in and out a lot. I'll have to rely on friends for companionship during the holidays. Most of them are going to be around, and we can get together for stitching and chatting.

Was going to NYC in early December, but this might be put off for a bit, have to call my sister Lee tonight or tomorrow and find out what's going on. She wants me to see everything that NY has to offer. I called her today and she now has a Wegman's supermarket not too far from her, and she's loving it, goes all the time to see what's new.

I went and had coffee with a friend today, got rid of a lot of stitching items that she had ordered, so I am flush again with money, LOL. Bid on a couple of items from ebay, but lost both of them, will try again or just go to the store and purchase what I want. Makes me mad that I lose track of what time the items are going off and then don't win them. Oh well, so be it. If it was meant to be, they'd be mine.

Enough for today, back to laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, etc. Will write again later.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday (I think)

Good morning all. It is morning I think. Sunday morning, at almost 4:30 a.m. What am I doing up so early, you say. Well, the dog sleeps on the bed, the other dog sleeps on the bed, Jim's dialysis pump goes off early in the morning (as he's too tired to sleep on his side for the drains), and I have to get up and get the cats out of the bedroom. That's why I'm up at 4:30 a.m.

Anyway, things here are hectic. I have decided NOT to do the typing job as I was afraid that if I started doing a job that the lady says is about 2 hours a night, it will turn in to an overnight and I really can't do that. I have started another job with Tastefully Simple, and that is doing wonderful. The items sell themselves, and they are delicious. SO, if anyone needs/wants/can't live without something, please let me know.

I have also had a lot of requests for the Breast Cancer Awareness chart that Barb has designed. One gal has already sent her finished picture for all to see, and that will be posted on the website. I had no idea that 'free' items got so many requests.

I have also been working very hard on the stockings for Christmas for Spencer and Jackson. Jackson's is already done, but Spencer's is the one I'm working on. It's a slow go, but it'll be finished and ready for Santa to fill this year.

Other than that, things are quite the same. Nothing new around here to report - getting ready to close the cottage and that's sad for me - only been there about 3 times this summer. We'll be going down probably the last w-e this month to do that. Doesn't take but a couple of hours to do, but it's still something else to add to my busy schedule.

I guess that's about it for now - can't think of anything else at this point in the morning, so will close now and maybe do some other lamenting later on today.