Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hi everyone who reads this. Today is Thursday - didn't get a whole lot done today except for going to get a mammogram. That is something that is so important to me. With Felicia passing away with her breast cancer, I tell everyone that will listen to go and get a mammogram. I must have passed it, as they didn't call me back for more x-rays. The gal that did the mammogram also worked at St. Mary's Hospital in the Radiology Department when I did, and we chatted the whole time, and it was a piece of cake. They also have a place right inside the room to put the cassette in and the pictures comes onto the computer for everyone to see. It was amazing. I saw a good sized bleb of something on the screen, but then was told it was only fatty tissue. WHEW. I've got little boobs anyway, and if you take away any of it, I'll be flat chested.

Anyway - enough of that.

Jim is doing very well. He wore himself out the last few days - and between getting the garage in order and the basement, he's driving not only me, but himself crazy. He says that he dreams about what he needs/wants to do that day - woah - take it a little easy until you get your sea legs. LOL

We got our 'real' water in yesterday - it's only taken 40 years to get. I LOVE it. I took a long shower today - the water is so soft - and it only takes a bit of shampoo for my hair to lather up. It was wonderful.

We went to dinner tonight to celebrate the water and the fact that Jim has taught me how to install a carburetor on his John Deere. Yep, I can do that now - along with doing some of the plumbing and some electrical stuff. Not my favorite things to do, but at least now I don't feel as though he has to do everything. He is fairly patient with me when I ask him how to do things.

Tomorrow is the last day of work - and I'll miss my kids until next summer. I stopped with Jim today to see the kids off and had lunch with them. It's only three weeks until we go back to work and I'll be glad to go, although I don't think I'll like the winter again.

That's about it - nothing really new here.

Until next time.

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