Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday, Thursday

Good early afternoon - have been busy doing laundry, doing dishes, and waiting for the mailman, to no avail. I was hoping that he was going to bring me some new items for the shop, but not today, so will wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a busy day too - I have to go and pick up the packet for bid day on Tuesday - this means that I'll get a chance to bid on the bus run that I'd like to have. It doesn't always work out, but hopefully tomorrow no one else will want the run I had last year. It worked out great - time off in the middle of the runs so that if Jim had an MD appointment, I could take him, or if I just wanted to go to lunch with one of the gals I could.

I am so looking forward to going back to work - the tedium of being home is killing me - I just don't know how other people stay home all the time. Every time I think I have to go and get something, my sensible voice says to stay home, get something else done, why waste the gas. I'd like to throw that voice out the window and just go and do what I want without having to pay the consequences for it. I do have to go out today and get some new speakers and a new pair of headphones for the computer. I am going to start working from home in the evenings when school starts and instead of having the bulky headphones from long ago, Ms. Jeanne tells me that I can use something like the iPOD earphones. How great is that??????

Have been working on Trix or Treat from Blackbird Designs - should have it finished by the w-e so that I can banner it. I bought some cool material from the local quilt shop for it and I know it's going to be great.

Well, I guess that's about it - will post again tomorrow or Saturday -

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Today was a different kind of day - I thought we were going to the lake, but didn't, so made the best of it and didn't do anything. LOL I got up fairly early, and made coffee, and then proceeded to get on-line. For some reason, the computer decided that it didn't want to work properly, and Julie ended up going to Time Warner and got a completely new modem. It's working now, so I'm making the best of it.

Jim and Felicia had given us a gift certificate to a Greek restaurant here in Rochester, named Mykonos. I called and asked them about the GC since it was two years old and we just hadn't been able to go, as Jim was in the hospital most of last year - and I was told by the owner since it was two years old, that they were only going to give us 50% of the total amount - and since the original amount was $50.00 - that was not acceptable to me, and explained that there was no expiration date on the GC. FINALLY, she agreed to give us the full amount of the GC after I faxed the GC to her so she could see that there was no expiration. DO I LIE? I didn't think so.

We went, and the meal was at best OK. The appetizer that we got was wonderful - six artichoke hearts with kalamata olives, white wine, lemon, and feta cheese. This was the high point of the meal. Jim ordered a steak, his was done to perfection and there was no waste at all. I ordered steak au poivre - and I know how this is supposed to be cooked, and it wasn't. Not only could I not cut the steak - there was no taste to it at all. SO, I sent it back and got another one, but this too, was just OK. SO, I brought it home with me - no use fighting. I did tell the owner about the problems - but she offered nothing except that they had a new chef. Amazing that there are restaurants in Rochester who are so bad, who have such a good reputation. Guess I should have ordered lamb.

I finished a piece today - called You Are My SunShine by Erica Michaels. I did it for Jim's dialysis nurse and am going to make a banner out of it. Have to go to the local quilt shop tomorrow to pick up some material that will make it stand out. I did it on 32 ct antique white linen, and the colors just pop.

Also got the new charts today from Erica Michaels - mainly We The People and Toil and Trouble. Have to get them into the mail on Monday to those who ordered. Hopefully on Monday the new Lizzies will be here too, and they can go out at the same time.

I guess that's about it - nothing else to report - so will write again in a few days.

Monday, August 13, 2007


It's Monday again, can't believe it. Where do the weeks/months/years ago? It seems just yesterday that my children were getting ready to go to school in a couple of weeks, and now it's me getting ready to go to school, only not school per se, but driving the kids to and from school. Where does the time go?

Went shopping today with my friend Janice - we went 'fat quarter' shopping at our local quilt shop, named Betty's, right here in Spencerport. She was having a sale - $1.00 a fat quarter and I purchased 21 fat quarters. So many, but I have lots of pillows to make (small ones) and also backs for Christmas ornaments.

I've got some pictures of what I purchased today, but cannot figure out how to get them here - so will have to wait until I find out what to do - how to do it. I am so saavy in other areas, but apparently not in this one.

The w-e was unremarkable. Jim and I were supposed to go to the lake on Saturday and Sunday, but he's not feeling up to par again - he's sleeping a lot, and while I know this is part of the disease, it makes it hard for me to plan anything. Today he's sleeping but he's got to get up soon for dinner.

I guess I'll go, and hopefullyI'll figure out how to find the pictures I took today.

Monday, August 6, 2007


Well, it's raining - finally - and it would be such a nice day to be in, but alas I have to take the little munchkins today to the Strong Museum - a wonderful place for them to play - but for me, BORING. I've been there at least six times in the past two years, and the only thing that holds my attention is the butterfly exhibit.

We went to Felicia's memorial service on Saturday - not a dry eye in the house. We drove up to a bagpiper playing and that started me crying. How sad. She wrote the eulogy herself, wanted to thank everyone who was there for being in her life. If she only knew how important SHE was to us. Her sister and brother got up to talk about her, and what a wonderful sister she was. She had such an unhappy childhood, and was actually glad to reach adulthood. Then when it was over, the bagpipes started again. It was so poignant. She will be missed terribly. Her husband seems to be doing pretty good and he had family around him the last couple of weeks, so I think it'll hit him hard when he realizes that she isn't coming home this time. I'll call him every few days, and have his father call him too.

I have been working on ornaments for the group - have finished three already and am going to start another today. Then next week I can go to the local quilt shop and pick up some fat quarters that are on sale for $1.00 each. I can definitely go crazy with the fat quarters for the finishing of the ornaments. Hopefully everyone will finish theirs differently, and I can put up a small tree this year for Christmas - we haven't had a tree in years.

Am going to be starting another job the early part of September. I'm going to be typing for one of the labs, doing gross pathology reports - not gross like yuck - but the first report to go to the pathologist. It's only for a couple of hours a night, so should do OK.

I guess that's about it for today - have to get ready to take those little monsters.