Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Hello - what exactly is Mother's Day? Is it a day where you are supposed to put your Mom on a pedastal or is it a day that your Mom gets unnoticed, or how do you think your Mom feels when no one remembers until the end of the day? Now, I didn't get unnoticed, all three kids contacted me, and I did get a couple of presents, good presents, but I get presents that I think they would like because "I never know what to get you" or "you have everything already". SO, in that vein, I will tell my children what I'd like, and what I don't have. I would like a pedicure, I would like some new PJ's, I would like a GC for a haircut, and I would like a GC from Barnes & Noble.

If I am so hard to buy for, why can I think of great things to give to me?

Theresa's birthday is Saturday - so a present will be going in the mail on at least Wednesday for her to have it directly on her day. I have put lots of thought into what to get her, and hopefully she'll like it.

I love being a Mom, just not on Mother's Day.

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