Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Hello - what exactly is Mother's Day? Is it a day where you are supposed to put your Mom on a pedastal or is it a day that your Mom gets unnoticed, or how do you think your Mom feels when no one remembers until the end of the day? Now, I didn't get unnoticed, all three kids contacted me, and I did get a couple of presents, good presents, but I get presents that I think they would like because "I never know what to get you" or "you have everything already". SO, in that vein, I will tell my children what I'd like, and what I don't have. I would like a pedicure, I would like some new PJ's, I would like a GC for a haircut, and I would like a GC from Barnes & Noble.

If I am so hard to buy for, why can I think of great things to give to me?

Theresa's birthday is Saturday - so a present will be going in the mail on at least Wednesday for her to have it directly on her day. I have put lots of thought into what to get her, and hopefully she'll like it.

I love being a Mom, just not on Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Good afternoon. I am in such a dither - we've not had a kitchen sink for two days - that means everything we eat, we either have to use the microwave oven with paper plates, or get take out. Yesterday we went and got Chinese, and today had the leftovers. We did have someone come today and look at the plumbing, but he wanted to tear out everything and have us start again. Where are you supposed to get the money for that I wondered? SO, I have called another plumber and guess what, no call back yet. Guess they have more work than they need, so they don't need any money.

Anyway - have been working very little on my stitching for the past week or so. Am doing better as far as my mental health, but with my knees, elbows, etc. bothering me, am wondering if I have fibromyalgia. Am going to see the MD this month at some point, so will ask and see if this is indeed the FM. Hope not - maybe it's just a healthy dose of arthritis - I know I have this in my knees, but don't know about the elbows.

SO, nothing else new here - Jim is still great - although you wouldn't think so. He still sits in his chair all the time with a blanket on him - and just cannot make him believe that he is not sick. I think he's been sick for so long that he just doesn't comprehend that he could get better.

That's it for now. Adios.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday, close to Friday

Good morning everyone - about time I put into words what's been going on.

I have been stitching some, but not a lot - for some reason, I have been out of sorts. Nothing wrong that I can put a finger on, but just not me. I put in a few stitches, and then get called away for something, and then don't get back to it. BUT this will pass I know.

Have just made an appointment for a mammogram. It's been a couple of years, so it's about time. I still have to call and make an appointment for a DEXA scan and then to see the GYN. The doc I see is wonderful - we talk about computers or billing while he does his exam, so I don't mind going. I've had him for so many years that it's almost a pleasure to see him yearly.

I've been working on planning a retreat for July. The gals and I are all going to be meeting in Connecticut with Barb Cooley from Plum Pudding. She's a really nice person and it'll be good to meet her in person. We have these long talks on the phone, and good thing I use my cell phone or she calls me as she has unlimited long distance.

We have a May Day picnic today at the bus garage. Should be fun.

Well, that's about it for now - will write again soon.